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Do you know which places which give you the best memory? It’s not the crowded sight seeing spot, but the amazing and authentic location which shows you the real atmosphere of a country. Come on a journey with me, you will find out about places you didn’t even know they exist.

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Secret locations

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Adventure Travel

Within the next weeks we will visit various places in countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore and more. 
Finding a healthy combination between ocean, islands, mountains and inner city adventures is the goal. We will travel from rural and natural areas to cities. Luckily East and South East Asia has so many places to offer, it would last a whole lifetime. Let’s uncover Asia travel secrets.

You don't need to backpack to discover Asia's travel secrets

My appreciation for backpackers is high, there are a lot of great and interesting people doing it. However, the backpacking experience is not my idea of enjoying traveling and exploring places. Having more stability and comfort in your accomodation is not only more relaxed, it also opens other doors. Being more flexible on your day trips and knowing you can come back to a comfortable place for sleeping is great. Staying in for half a day due to bad weather becomes an option as well. You don’t need to force yourself to live super simplistic to enjoy your trip.

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Useful Travel Tips

Not only will we discover great places together, but also find out best tips for safe and adventurous traveling. During traveling there is a lot to do wrong. Admittedly, there are different ways to enjoy a holiday, each way has its benefits. In this blog I will mostly focus on the local and authentic experience. Let’s make sure we don’t miss the things we crave for the most. Adventure and creating great memories.

In the following weeks I will upload a few travel tips. Over the years I made many mistakes and also had a lot of bad experiences, but eventually I learnt from it and want to pass it to you. 
Next to those tips, there are of course many useful items which I carry on my travels. It starts with a toiletry bag to a small selection of medicine. Being well prepared gives so much security, even though being in a totally strange country. 

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